Why we serve the Creative Class

by Janna Marlies Maron on December 13, 2010

We use the term Creative Class to describe a mindset, not a specific industry. As far as we are concerned, creativity is not exclusive to artists, writers, designers, photographers or other stereotypical creative field. We attribute creativity to those who apply creative thinking to their workstyle regardless of job or industry.

Are you a political consultant hosting discussion groups to help draw attention to the issues you work on? Or a small business marketing consultant who hosts monthly networking events? Or an accountant who puts on educational workshops?

Well then, you’re creative! You come up with and implement innovative ideas that not only benefit your business, but also provide value to the community that you serve.

That’s the type of thinking we foster here at ThinkHouse, because we believe that

creativity requires clustering.
If you’re like us, chances are that you’ve probably encountered resistance in the form of skepticism when you share your not-so-normal ideas about business. That’s why you need to cluster with other like-minded folks. Solidarity helps (a lot) when you start to feel like a whack-job for wanting to start a shared, collaborative workspace and everyone you meet tells you it will never succeed. Oh, wait. That’s us. But you can relate, right?

creativity inspires creativity.
So then when you start surrounding yourself with like-minded folks, don’t you start to get new and better ideas just by being around other creative thinkers? You feed off the energy of those around you and your work improves and you get reinvigorated to keep going when you used to feel depleted and unmotivated. It’s called synergy. We all need it.

creativity fuels economy.
This might just be the part that we get most excited about. When creative thinkers cluster and instigate the creativity inspiration cycle, good things happen. And by good things we mean business opportunities, jobs, and commerce that translate to turning our city into something more than just a government town.

But if we are going to fuel the economy, then creatives in Sacramento need to start clustering and inspiring each other. We happen to think that ThinkHouse Collective is a good place to do that.

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