We’re growing and we need help!

by Janna Marlies Maron on July 5, 2011

That’s right, good things are happening for the ThinkHouse community, which means good things are happening for Sacramento. Here are some cool things we’ve been able to do lately:

  • make the space accessible to members 24/7 (aww-yeah!)
  • host really cool small biz workshops like Increasing Profit with Google Analytics (thanks, Black Dog Education!)
  • see our members’ businesses grow
  • install an AT&T micro-cell booster for all our iPhone users (since we seem to be in an AT&T dead spot over here in Downtown)
  • oh, and, hire a professional cleaning service (we all like a clean bathroom, right?)

Those are just a few of the things we have been doing recently to make the space more comfortable and valuable for our members.

As we continue to grow and add on services, we need an extra brain (and some extra hands) to help us come up with new ideas and keep things going smoothly around here, which means: We’re looking for an intern!

All the deets can be found here. Please help us spread the word!

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