ThinkHouse is the place for you if…

…you have an anti-9-to-5 attitude. You want the freedom to set your own hours and the flexibility that such a schedule affords. You hate working in isolation, and crave the interaction and exchange that working at a café doesn’t provide. You are a creative thinker who functions best around other hardworking, creative individuals with whom you can talk through ideas in the midst of a project. You’re looking for a place where the same people go to work on their own individual projects, thus fostering a creative community with those people as they get to know each other and build trust. As that trust grows, so does natural collaboration because you become more comfortable with your fellow creatives and coworkers, ask each other for feedback, and bounce ideas off of each other. You want to be a part of a community that shares resources because you want to help others with their work as much as you want help on your own, and you want to see your colleagues succeed as much as you want to personally succeed.

You can join us with one of the following options:

Daily Coworking Membership: Starting at $69/month

Basic Coworking Membership: Starting at $125/month

Office Membership: Starting at $500/month

House Guest Membership: Need a spot just for the day? Take advantage of our Daily Coworking Membership, listed above, at a flat daily rate of 20 bucks. You can also buy a House Guest package of 10 days for $150.

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