Sacramento, how do you work? The results are in. Plus: a BIG announcement

by Janna Marlies Maron on July 11, 2012

Several weeks ago we ran a grassroots survey asking people in Sacramento how they work. We used simple Google form and tallied the results ourselves. We asked 8 questions about things like how people describe their work, their work environment and how they feel about the way they work. From that survey, we learned a lot about the future of work, and how it’s changing right here in Sacramento.

Because we run a coworking space, we know that the industry is taking off nation- and world-wide. Sacramento, of course, has always been slower in adapting the latest trends, and coworking is no different. But we’ve always suspected that there’s a huge market for coworking here–just look at any local coffee shop and you could count at least 10 folks tapping away on their laptops night and day. Likely these folks are working.

If all you need to do your job is your laptop, you’re part of the mobile workforce: you can work whenever and wherever you want. But how many of those people are there in Sacramento? We never knew until we did our survey. Granted, this is a small slice of the pie–we got 50 responses–but, still, the numbers are staggering.

According to our results:

  • 70% of respondents work from home–that’s a huge number! Of that number, 45% split their time between home and a coffee shop or some other location.
  • 24% of respondents said working from home is not ideal.
  • 55% of respondents describe themselves as self-employed in some capacity–whether that is freelancer, independent contractor or small business owner. Another 18% of respondents are full-time employees who also moonlight on the side.
  • 49% of respondents said “it depends” when asked if they would pay for a workspace. Only 16% said, “no way.”
  • 60% of respondents said they don’t know how much a workspace costs, and 38% said a workspace costs at least $500/mo.
  • The two most important factors in a work environment are: quiet with few interruptions/distractions and reliable wifi. Convenient location, atmosphere and printer/copier/scanner were equally third most important.

So. What do we make of this data? A couple of things:

  1. Many people, yes even here in Sacramento, work from home and likely have a flexible workstyle.
  2. Many people are self-employed.
  3. Many people don’t know how much a dedicated workspace costs.
These things tell us that the global shift in how we work is happening locally, right here in our community. So where does coworking fit into that picture? Well, it’s a way for folks who work independently to come together and build community. If everyone worked at home and stayed home all day long, there’d be no connection to enhance the city’s lifestyle and culture. Coworking exists as away to bring people together around things that are most important: finding projects they are passionate about, figuring out ways to be successful in business, and contributing to making the place where we live the best community it can be.

How does ThinkHouse specifically contribute to this workstyle shift?

We provide the place for people to find that connection. And, to address this need, we have some exciting news: we are moving to a new location! The new ThinkHouse building is not only bigger, but has some key features that we feel are necessary to make coworking a viable option for Sacramento’s Creative Class and mobile workforce. We’re talking about things like a more functional layout, more private office space, dedicated parking, and rooms that are conducive to hosting events and small-medium workshops or seminars.

When are we moving?

We’ll be moving the last weekend of this month, and hope to be as settled in as possible by Monday, July 30. We’ll be ready to show off the private offices, conference room and event space as soon as we move! That means if you or someone you know might be interested in an affordable private office in Midtown with a group of highly productive and creative folks, let us know!

Membership Options

We are also introducing a lower level membership with access during business hours only, M-F 9a-6p. If that sounds like something you or someone you know might be interested in, please get in touch for more information!


Bottom line: there’s a huge market for coworking in this town, and we’re in the business of connecting with that market! Send us your questions, comments, ideas, concerns, snide remarks, anything–we love hearing from you!


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Shannon Lewis July 14, 2012 at 7:04 pm

How about the “new” address?

Janna Marlies Maron July 16, 2012 at 12:49 pm

We won’t be far from where we are currently — it’s at 18th & Q Streets.

James July 26, 2012 at 1:18 pm

Congratulations on the new space!

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