Sacramento: how do you work?

by Janna Marlies Maron on April 11, 2012

We’ve had some great conversations on Tuesdays during our weekly Bull Sessions. One thing that has come up more than once is: how do people in Sacramento work? Of course, we here at ThinkHouse are particularly interested in this question because we are trying to shape the future of work in this city.

During yesterday’s bull session we got to talking about what keeps people from signing up for a coworking space? There are two obstacles we often encounter when it comes to selling memberships at ThinkHouse:

  1. Helping people understand the intangible value of community. This is an obstacle? Yes, it is. Because when you think about paying for a workspace, you automatically think about all the physical and tangible things: the desks, the chairs, the wifi, the coffee, the atmosphere. These are things you can taste, see, touch and smell. But being part of a community? That’s something you can’t see or taste or touch, and you often don’t know the value of it until you experience it. So the thing is, we don’t rent office space. We sell community memberships. But if you’ve never experienced what it’s like to be part of a coworking community, you probably don’t know how valuable it really is.
  2. Helping people to change their habits. Oddly enough mobile workers — folks who have a non-traditional job and the flexibility to work from home, from a coffee shop or from wherever they want — often find that adding a new location to their routine isn’t the most convenient thing. You might think that doesn’t make sense. After all, if you’re paying for a workspace, wouldn’t you use it to make sure you get your money’s worth? But if you’re used to working from home, going to a coffee shop to break up the monotony of being home all day, taking a weekday off to visit San Francisco or wine country, it’s not an automatic thing to add a new place into your regular rotation. All of a sudden instead of being spontaneous and doing whatever strikes your fancy on a given day, you have to plan to go to this workspace that you’re paying for. It could be weeks, or even months, before you start to understand how valuable a community coworking space really is.

But beyond those two obstacles, which are largely psychological barriers, what else would keep people from joining a coworking space? Is it lack of awareness? Is it cost? Is it because Sacramento is always behind the times on anything new and cutting edge? We don’t know. And we don’t know, because we don’t know how most people work — or prefer to work — in this city. So we’d like to try to find out.

We’re asking you to help us with finding out how people work in Sacramento by filling out this survey. As a thank you for your help with this info, if you give us your email address, you’ll be entered in a drawing for a FREE ThinkHouse Collective t-shirt, similar to the one we’re wearing in the pic below. 

Thanks in advance for helping us collect info on how Sacramento works! We’ll be sure to share our findings here on the blog. Click here to tell us how you work!

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