My Sacramento Woman Making History

by Jeremy Maron on March 11, 2014 just released their list of  “Sacramento Women Making History in 2014.”  My Sacramento woman, Janna Marlies Maron, is on that list. Proud doesn’t even cover it.

A short while ago, in preparation for Women’s History Month, (GOTG) put out a call for nominations of local women who kick ass and take names. Specifically: “Ladies who are working on projects and creating businesses that will leave a lasting and positive impact on our city.”  From the over 50 nominations, GOTG selected 20 women.

And kudos to GOTG.  The 20 women who made this year’s list are, without doubt or argument, worthy of this recognition. Each have added to the fabric that is Sacramento and each in their own unique way.

Which brings me to Janna…

20140307_067 copy

She works hard for the money. Damn hard.

Between teaching at the college level, writing several ebooks, publishing her literary journal Under The Gum Tree, co-curating the speaking series TrueStoryfreelancing editing, and everything she does here at ThinkHouse, Janna is working a 24/7 full-tilt-boogie lifestyle.

And it’s never easy.  Those who work for their passions don’t do it for the recognition. They do it because they are compelled to change the world. Because living any other way is, quite simply, not an option. And very often it is done with great resistance from within the established community they are trying to change. However, a little recognition does go a long way. It reaffirms resolve. Gives you a second wind. Lets you look ahead with a little added confidence.

All of the women recognized by GOTG have achieved great things (and continue to do so), and I offer my congratulations to these ladies. Through Janna, I have seen their struggle. I have seen their hard work. I have seen the strength and fortitude that is required to turn a dream into reality.

Janna is my Sacramento Woman making history. Proud doesn’t even cover it.

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