Movin’ On Up! Our new digs & a new (less expensive) membership plan

by Jeremy Maron on August 27, 2012

The big news for the ThinkHouse Collective is that we recently moved to a new, bigger and (dare I say it) more business-friendly location.

It starts with a little backstory:

A few months ago we put out a survey asking questions related to coworking, pricing and amenities. The feedback we received completely changed our view of our space and how it got used. One of the biggest shocks to me was a comment that said,

“I have a home office and when I work away from home I don’t want to work in a house.”

The reason it shocked me was that it made perfect sense. As soon as I read it, I knew exactly what that person meant. In our effort to create the “un-office,” we took it a little too far. We realized that while our members don’t want an “office” environment, we still needed to provide a business setting complete with the all the necessary amenities and less of the homey trappings that can distract from being productive.

1617 18th Street

We starting looking at new locations. 1617 18th Street was the first space we saw. It was as if the building was tailor made for us. Seven private offices, a huge room for open coworking, a generous conference room, parking and even a garage with a roll up door for special events. More than that, while the outside of the building was non-descript (intentionally by the owners), the inside had features like crown-molding, hardwood floors and French doors. This new space, while promoting a stronger business vibe than the big yellow house, retained the character and personality needed for a proper coworking space.

Calls were made, hands shaken and papers signed. On August 1, ThinkHouse said goodbye to the big yellow Craftsman downtown that had been our home for almost two years and moved in near the Handle District of Midtown. And the response has been fantastic. And most importantly to us: our members have given their approval. Some have even upped their membership and gotten offices. Everyone loves the new space.

New Membership Options

With the new location also comes a new level of membership that we are excited to announce: The Daily Coworker membership is just $49 month (with a 12-month commitment) and includes unlimited open coworking access during hosted hours (Mon-Fri, 9a-6p). This is a perfect, inexpensive way to join the Collective for those who don’t need the 24-access of our Basic Membership but still want all the benefits of coworking.

Close to any number of great restaurants and bars (Zocalo, Hot Italian, and Pour House to name a few), our new location is one block from lightrail and across the street from what may be the best sandwich spot in Midtown (aptly named the Sandwich Spot). If you haven’t had a chance to come out and see our new location, or if you’ve never experienced coworking, let me take this time right now to extend an invitation.

We believe in collaboration and community. And to prove it, your first day of coworking is on us. Come to ThinkHouse Collective and see why coworking is taking over the business community all over the county and world. One coworker at a time.

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