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by Janna Marlies Maron on January 9, 2013

We love food. And when we say food, we are talking about handmade, from scratch, local and whole ingredients, family, history and tradition that combine into pure deliciousness. That is why we love Food, Love & Tradition, a site dedicated to telling the story behind recipes. Aside from the hunger-inducing food photography, Marita and Bridget, the creative genius behind the photos and the words, are just plain cool. And you know how much we like cool people. Almost as much as we love food.

Cool people and good food? How can we resist? We’ve got a little sample of one post (this pic) and an excerpt from the story that goes with it. But to get the full affect you really need to see the entire site.

Food, Love & Tradition-001



“If you’re ever lucky enough to be invited over to Yadira’s house, you will certainly have the opportunity to sample her cuisine. After raising three kids and having a house constantly full of their friends—some who even moved in for a while during those challenging teenage years, Yadira always keeps a pot full of goodness on the stove and a stocked fridge. In fact, if you leave her house without eating, you are a rare person indeed, for Yadira opens her home to all and is sure to delight the palate with her fresh ingredients and complex spices.” Click here for the rest of the post. 



Head on over to check out what these two have been up to — it includes a blogger award from CountryLiving magazine!


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June Millington February 9, 2013 at 9:36 am

I just love this! Love what you both do, your incisive goal to get into food and behind the stories ~ thank you. This kind of writing, and action, is needed in the world.

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