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 John Conley


ThinkHouse Collective is proud to feature the gig poster art of John ConleyJohn is a Sacramento-based artist, designer and musician. He has designed gig posters for countless local bands.

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Artist Statement

I despise terrible typography.  I loathe bad design.  Unless, of course, it’s so bad that it’s good–and I mean “good” as in it makes me laugh my ass off.

Gig posters are the ultimate creative outlet for me.  They allow me to merge three of my favorite things: music, design, and art.

I’ve experimented with various styles, but a constant in my work is an emphasis on geometric shapes and textures.  I’m addicted to clean design.  Developing engaging color palettes is an obsession I geek over, and it’s a wonderful challenge at times since I’m color-blind.

All of my gig posters and album cover designs begin in my trusty sketchbook.  I dive head first into the bands’ music and get inspired by their sound and style.  Finished pieces in this show were made using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

I’ve been painting, drawing, and involved with music my whole life.  Five years ago, I went back to school to take design classes at Sacramento City College and have been hooked ever since.  I’ve been a freelance graphic designer, creating award-winning work under the name of blkbrix, for the last three years.  My work has appeared in local, national, and international publications.  Most recently, my work was featured in Europe in a collection of band merchandise, including beer coasters.

When I’m not creating gig posters or other forms of art, you can find me singing and playing guitar in the indie rock group Desario.

Thanks for checking out my work and supporting our local art community.  Enjoy and cheers.

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