CinemaSpeak presents Jiro Dreams of Sushi

by Jeremy Maron on December 7, 2012


CinemaSpeak is a free film screening and discussion event featuring movies making an impact on our society.

This month will we be viewing Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi is an excellent example of a true Shokunin, a Japanese term meaning, in short, mastery of a profession. Jiro and his clan are a clear example of not only the technical skills required for mastery but also of the deeper meaning, the attitude and social consciousness that act as the foundation for such skills. Jiro’s guiding light comes at a time when uncertain times can cloud our role in the changing economy. Come join us this Thursday, the 13 at 6:30 for a special movie and great conversation.

Moderator Jeremy Maron, a 15-year film industry veteran will be joined by Grant Garibay- the guy on the couch- for the introduction and discussion portion of the evening.

Both a fan and student of cinema, Jeremy believes that film is art and cinema is social commentary. His various interviews with actors, directors and producers can be found at

Grant Garibay is student of non-violent conflict resolution and has chosen this month’s CinemaSpeak film for it’s example of the”peace of mind” that is achieved through continual improvement of one’s craft or profession.

Seating is limited so please arrive early.
Hope to see you there.
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