Why cooperate? A Look at Co-ops and How They Work to Improve Our World

May 20, 2014

Editor’s note: this is a guest post by former ThinkHouse member, Alicia Dienst.  Cooperation and mutual aid are critical to our daily lives. We follow rules of the road to avoid getting into accidents, wait our turn in line at the grocery store, pool our money to buy a gift for a co-worker, and give […]

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Creating Your Own Path Podcast with ThinkHouse Member Jennifer Snyder

February 18, 2014

Jeremy and I were honored to be interviewed by the lovely Jennifer Snyder for her new podcast Creating Your Own Path–and Jennifer also happens to be one of our newest members at ThinkHouse (we love that!). Now aside from the fact that we were her first guests (and we had a BLAST chatting about what […]

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March is Women’s History Month: to Honor 20 Women Making a Difference in Sacramento

February 11, 2014

We hear that the ladies over at are looking for nominations of women doing cool stuff in Sacramento in honor of Women’s History Month. Here’s what they have to say about it — and, if you know anyone who fits the bill, send a quick email. The deadline is THIS Friday (also Valentine’s Day). […]

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2nd Annual Listen to Your Mother Show Seeks Your Personal Story

January 28, 2014

Editor’s note: this is a guest post by ThinkHouse Collective member, Margaret Andrews.  Listen to Your Mother, a nationwide live reading that “gives motherhood a microphone,” is coming to Sacramento in May this year for its second annual performance. Thirty-two cities this year, each with their own local production team, will showcase a diverse range […]

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Corporate Constitutional Rights: Why they matter and what you can do about it

March 21, 2013

Let’s play Jeopardy! ™ Under the “Democracy” category for $1,000, our clue is: “Corporate constitutional rights, progressively granted by the Courts over the last 100+ years, have created this shocking reality.” [Insert Jeopardy theme song here]. What question will match our clue and win us that $1,000? Any of theses questions below, and many more […]

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Food, Love & Tradition: a great local site for food lovers

January 9, 2013

We love food. And when we say food, we are talking about handmade, from scratch, local and whole ingredients, family, history and tradition that combine into pure deliciousness. That is why we love Food, Love & Tradition, a site dedicated to telling the story behind recipes. Aside from the hunger-inducing food photography, Marita and Bridget, […]

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CinemaSpeak presents Jiro Dreams of Sushi

December 7, 2012

  CinemaSpeak is a free film screening and discussion event featuring movies making an impact on our society. This month will we be viewing Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Jiro Dreams of Sushi is an excellent example of a true Shokunin, a Japanese term meaning, in short, mastery of a profession. Jiro and his clan are […]

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Why We Support Steve Hansen for City Council

November 1, 2012

We went to the debate between District 4 City Council candidates this past Tuesday at the Cosmopolitian Cabaret hosted by Sacramento Press, and we were duly impressed. No only by the candidates themselves, but by the event and the turn out. We love to see people rally around local politics and get passionate about making […]

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The Creative Class: What, where and who are they?

September 12, 2012

The ThinkHouse tagline is “A coworking community for Sacramento’s creative class.” What’s the Creative Class?  We are often asked, “what’s ‘creative class?’ ” We’re asked it so often that we added to our FAQ page and tried to answer it in a succinct manner. We’re asked it so often that we wrote a blog post […]

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Know Your Place: How public art teaches us about where we live

September 7, 2012

Last summer, in his post called, “Staying,” ThinkHouse member Ryan Walton invited us to participate in creating fabulous culture here in Sacramento rather than move elsewhere to find a “ready made” culture. Creating local culture is a focal point here at ThinkHouse Collective. Co-founders Janna and Jeremy were inspired, in part, by Richard Florida’s book, […]

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