Building Sacramento as a Creative Community

by Ronnie Nurss on May 31, 2012

The Book Club Pub Crawl will kick off again tonight, 7pm at ThinkHouse Collective. We’ll be discussing The Rise of the Creative Class, by Richard Florida. If you haven’t read the book, spend a few minutes and check out our previous blog posts that will be sure to get you caught up to speed:

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The goal for tonight?

To start, enjoy, and collaborate on an open discussion on how we can apply the information and themes from The Rise of the Creative Class to establishing Sacramento as, to use Florida’s term, a Creative Center. How can we, as individuals, residents, small business owners and creative professionals help make Sacramento become the next creative and innovative city like Austin or Portland?

And now, our last featured blog post…


Building the Creative Community

There are three key themes that arise when it comes to building a creative community.  We’ll touch briefly on them here and then discuss further tonight at the Book Club Pub Crawl.

Go Back to the City

Florida argues that urban centers, and not suburbs, have long been crucibles for innovation and creativity. Cities across the country are focusing and investing on developing and revitalizing urban downtown neighborhoods. This means creating neighborhoods and redeveloping historic buildings into live and work communities.



The University as a Creative Hub

Florida admits that any region or city with a university has an advantage in becoming a creative community and center that attracts the Creative Class. Sacramento not only has one, but two major universities in CSU Sacramento and UC Davis (only 10 miles west). On top of that, we have several community colleges and vocational trade schools that all help to foster Florida’s 3 Ts of creativity: technology, talent, and tolerance.

The trick is to keep the graduating talent from these universities in Sacramento, and to also continually investing in them to attract new talent and creatives on a yearly basis.

Building a People Climate

Lastly, cities that aspire to become creative communities and centers must focus on building an attractive people climate, as opposed to business climate. The difference is focusing on attracting and retaining creative people. In the creative economy, companies and businesses will migrate to wherever there is creative talent and people, not the other way around….or the creative people will end up just creating their own companies and businesses wherever they reside.

Join us tonight for Book Club Pub Crawl at ThinkHouse, 7pm.  There will be an hour of open discussion followed by a pub crawl to local bars nearby. Feel free to join, even if you haven’t read the book. Look forward to seeing you!

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