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Book Club Pub Crawl: not your average neighborhood book club

by Ronnie Nurss on January 12, 2012

ThinkHouse Collective will be kicking off the Book Club Pub Crawl.

And no, this isn’t going to be your neighborhood book club.

This club will actually help you learn the lessons and ideas of a book and put them to actionable use in your everyday lifestyle and business.  It’s one thing to actually read a book.  It’s another to fully absorb and understand the lessons of the book, and to actually apply that to better your life.

A quick rundown on what this is:

Who:  Creatives, entrepreneurs, artists, creators, readers…anyone who want to live interesting, purposeful and passionate lives.

What:  There are 2 parts:

PART 1:  A book club that actually introduces you to ideas and thoughts that can enhance your lifestyle and business.  Beginning with a 15-20 minute key note on the book and ending with open discussion of ideas and themes.

The goal of the 15-20 minute keynote is to introduce the key themes and ideas of the book.  Even if you do not read the book, you can still learn about and apply the main lessons and ideas to your life or business that very evening.

PART 2:  A pub crawl with like-minded people where you can build relationships and further discuss the ideas and thoughts that were learned from the book.


The goal for this is purely just to encourage real relationships and genuine connections among fellow readers.  There’s very few things in life that can beat amazing conversation and collaboration on amazing books and ideas with like-minded and intellectual people.

When: 7pm on the last thursday of every month. Linchpin will be on Jan. 26th.

Where:  Thinkhouse Collective.  Located here.


Why:  We have all read books.  But do we actually better ourselves, our businesses with them?  This book club will help you do that.  Oh, and you can meet people who like to read the same books that you do.

We’ll be thinking then drinking.  Who can beat that?

WARNING: Like I said, this isn’t your typical Oprah Book Club.  We’ll be reading books that challenge the status quo and can help you live a purposeful and passionate life, to succeed personally and professionally. We guarantee that you will take away atleast 1 major idea, lesson, or tool that can enhance your life or business. 

This first month will focus on Linchpin by Seth Godin.  Below are a few ideas that may be discussed in the meet up on Jan. 26th.  Every Thursday til the event, we’ll have a blog post that explores and dives into one of these themes.

-Becoming a Linchpin: What is a linchpin?  And how can you become indispensable at your job or career and ultimately be recession-proof?

-We are all Artists:  Really, we are.  Godin defines art as “anything that’s creative, passionate, and personal.”  It can be anything that changes or influences people and the world.

And artist is “someone who uses bravery, insight, creativity, and boldness to challenge the status quo.”

How can we all become artists and influence the world in a way we want to.

Resistance, the Lizard Brain and Fear:  What are all three and how are they preventing us from living the lifestyle or working the job we dream about?

And why challenging the status quo and not succumbing to conventional rules or standards can overall enhance our lifestyle or business.

-Other Idea, thoughts, and quotes from Linchpin that may be discussed:

“We’ve been taught to consume as a shortcut to happiness…”

The new economy will reward those who get paid per project, not per time…

What they teach in school today(it’s bad) and what they should teach in school (only 2 things)…

 Why we should just F#$K resumes altogether and how resumes just communicate mediocrity…

And much, much more.  Stay tuned for next week’s blog post dedicated to exploring on the above mentioned themes.

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