Who are the Creatives behind ThinkHouse Collective?


We are two visionary Sacramentans who are passionate about the development of this city because we live, work and play right here. We think creatively about our lives, our work and our vision for the Creative Class in Sacramento. Besides that, we have been working to establish a sustainable coworking community since December 2007. We know what this city needs. We eagerly look for Creatives of similar ilk to join us in the process of establishing a thriving community, and by thriving, we mean that ThinkHouse Collective is THE place that independents and entrepreneurs go when thinking about how to make their business as successful as possible.

Jeremy Maron has been looking for that dare-to-be-great opportunity all of his life. Along with cultivating his passion for film (because there’s a difference between movies and film), Jeremy keeps independent business alive with his consultative sales style. Through the journey of his 15-year career, he has learned that businesses deeply rooted in community are the ones that prosper. It’s that sense of community that prompted him to co-found ThinkHouse Collective. He will tell you that “the idea of creating a place where entrepreneurs of all stripes and skill sets can come together to support and learn from each other excites me.”

A self-proclaimed “woman in progress,” Janna Marlies Maron is most passionate about creativity and the power of the written word. She sees herself as something of a creative curator — a facilitator, if you will. She enjoys almost nothing more than piecing together smaller components (both tangible and abstract) and rearranging them until they meld into a larger, cohesive whole. On any given day, you might find Janna zipping around town to Sacramento City College where she teaches writing part-time, to any number of coffee shops within walking distance from her Midtown abode, and now to ThinkHouse Collective where she publishes a quarterly literary arts magazine titled Under the Gum Tree and works on a myriad of freelance writing and editing projects.