ThinkHouse Collective is a membership based coworking community for people who work independently as entrepreneurs, freelancers, contractors, political consultants and lobbyists in Midtown and Downtown Sacramento. We provide a convenient, productive, stimulating and economic alternative to the isolated workstyle often typical for self-employed, telecommuters or Creatives with some variation of a remote, work-from-home set up.

In addition to the bricks and mortar aspects of an office (desk, printer, Internet, etc.), the immeasurable value of ThinkHouse Collective is that we promote and model the intangible benefit of community and creative collaboration that working independently lacks. Not only do we value collaboration, we encourage it. At ThinkHouse Collective, Creatives have the priceless advantage of building relationships with, brainstorming with and soliciting feedback from fellow Creatives. The fact is, this collaboration element is essential to the success of ThinkHouse Collective – this is not one person’s vision, and one person cannot make this thing a reality. Neither do we believe that in the current economy the fend-for-one’s-self mentality is viable. Quite the opposite – we believe in the economy of sharing and working together.