13 more reasons to love Sacramento in 2012

by Janna Marlies Maron on January 9, 2012


The current issue of Sactown magazine’s cover feature is “50 Reasons Why We Love This City.” It lists the usual suspects like Wayne Thiebaud, the new airport terminal and its red rabbit, stars with local roots like Natalie Gulbis, Gretta Gerwig and Jackie Green, the local wine industry and how much we all love our Kings. Still, we were so inspired by the feature, particularly the original song “Ode From the Road” by Gregg Coffin that we decided to kick of 2012 with our own list.


We love Sacramento…

1. because it’s the next Austin (or Portland, take your pick). Here at ThinkHouse (thanks one of our members Ronnie), we’ve decided to take this on as our personal cause. Just look at Sacramento Press or Sacramento365 any given day and you’ll be overwhlemed by all this city has to offer, you won’t even know where to begin. And we think this is a good problem to have. Soon, people will be choosing to move to Sacramento because of all we have to offer. It’s already happening: recent grads from both Sac State and UC Davis choose to move to Sacramento’s central city from the suburbs where they grew up and lived with their parents. They see opportunity in this town and take active steps to pursue it.

2. because it’s a big-small town. We were just having a conversation the other day with someone who moved here from a small Southern California town where he had lived for something like 25 years. He knew everyone in the town. He’s lived in Sacramento for just about a year and the one thing he’s realized in that time is that this town is “as small as you want it to be.”

3. because we run into people we know almost everywhere we go (see number 2). Just the other weekend, we were headed to Weatherstone. We turned the corner and ran into Steve Hamm of Urban Design & Construction, who’s doing all sorts of cool projects around town including the dock expansion at Fox & Goose. That same weekend, we got home from grocery shopping and who was walking down I Street right as we pulled up? The one and only Jackson Griffith. The other day, I was getting on our little red Vespa to scoot over to ThinkHouse and Jake Favor from RompCreative rides by on his bike, saying a chilly good morning as he passed. And we already wrote about all the people we saw at SactoMofo a few weeks ago.

4. because there’s a plethora of Gen Yers who are eager to contribute to the culture here (see number 1). We recently went to the first ever SacStateTweetUp and were pleasantly surprised and duly impressed by the students we met: Not only were they uber hospitable and took initiative to introduce themselves (with a firm handshake and eye contact, no less), but they’re serious about being successful and translating personal success into a civic, local, Sacramento success — this is something we’ve not encountered in young people until now.

5. because we have one of only three Espresso Book Machines in all of the state of California, and the newest machine west of the Mississippi. Aside from Sacramento being on the cutting edge of print-on-demand technology, the library has also started offering writing and publishing classes in connection with the book machine. Now anyone in Sacramento can write a book and get it published right here in town.

6. because people end up here by accident and grow to love it. We can’t tell you how many times we ask the question, “How did you end up in Sacramento?” and the answer is something like, “Well, it was just going to be a temporary thing, but the longer I stayed the more I loved it.” And once they fall in love with Sacramento, it turns into this unrelenting civic pride and commitment to make a contribution, however small, to our fair town and its cultural development.

7. because everyone knows your name (kinda). We frequent our favorite restaurants well, frequently. And that means the staff and sometimes the proprietors recognize us as regulars, and we love that. When we go to places like Tres Hermanas, Aioli, Cafe Marika, among others, and we’re greeted with the familiarity of an old friend, we get all warm and fuzzy inside and feel like a piece of the place belongs to us (even if it’s just a tiny piece).

8. because the weather just can’t be beat. We don’t care what anyone says. You can complain about the summer heat all you want, but there’s no other place, in America at least, where the heat is as bearable as it is here. (Yes, we know, because we have endured summers in places like Florida.) And we are the first to complain about the cold in the winter, but at least it doesn’t snow, right?

9. because we finally have ZipCar! There’s a lot to be said for cities and their public transportation systems, and Sacramento’s, unfortunately, is lacking in more ways than one. From the perspective of someone who’s been carless since 2007, it’s not the easiest town for this kind of lifestyle, even in Midtown. Now that ZipCar’s in town, though, it’s a whole new world for no- or one-car households. We especially love that two cars live just 6 blocks from ThinkHouse at 11th & L Streets.

10. because K Street is finally reopened to automobiles. We were there for the first day of traffic (for proof, see the video below). It was 2nd Saturday in November, and people were out — both by car and by foot. It was the busiest we’d ever seen that street, and we felt proud. Proud to live in a city that’s actively making change to improve its culture and landscape.

11. because people here do cool things. We could write an entire blog post about all the cool people we know and all the cool stuff they’re doing. A few that come to mind are folks we’ve had the privilege of interacting with and supporting in the last year such as Alejandro Reyes, who’s been running the SacTweetups for nearly 2 years now; Jane Gassner, whose site middlifebloggers.com was named one of the top Post50 sites to bookmark on HuffPo; Katie McCleary and the folks behind 916 Ink, local artist Ilsa Hess and her original invention for a non-dairy and gluten free nacho sauce Nacheez; blogger, author and ThinkHouse member Margaret Andrews and her book Sticky Readers; artist community Vox Sacramento; and the very cool Gorilla Knitting Crew, by whom we had the pleasure of being yarn bombed for our one-year anniversary back in November.

12. because (and we admit, we’re a bit biased) there’s a budding coworking community for entrepreneurs and the independent mobile workforce. Here’s a bit of coworking history: the movement started back in 2006 in — you probably guessed it — San Francisco. And while it didn’t really gain any traction here in Sacramento until The Urban Hive started in 2009, one of our founders started working on developing a community and wrote her first blog post about it back in 2007. Now here we are, four years later, and we can say that there’s a solid community with 3 different spaces (we can’t not mention Capsity Offices) that support the ever-growing independent mobile workforce. And incase you haven’t heard, 2012 is going to be the year of the independent worker.

13. because people here are generous. Nothing excites us more than to be a part of an introduction between two people who get excited about similar interests and readily start sharing ideas and offering to share resources. We’ve never experienced this more than since we opened ThinkHouse Collective. People in Sacramento want to help each other; they want to see each other succeed because they know that success is contagious.

Help us kick of a great 2012 for this city — what are YOUR reasons for loving Sacramento?

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Alejandro Reyes January 11, 2012 at 4:45 pm

Man this post ROCKS!!!!

I love Sacramento because of people like YOU guys (janna & jeremy). Your passion for making great things happen in this community & serving people has inspired not only me but more people than you know.

Sacramento is LUCKY to have y’all hear as you’re going to be a part of putting her on the map 😉

Love y’all & thanks for the mention. I appreciate you guys greatly.

Janna Marlies Maron January 12, 2012 at 10:10 am

Thanks, Alejandro! We feel the same — super appreciative of your positive energy and support. Here’s to a great 2012!

Erik Rasmussen January 15, 2012 at 6:20 pm

I know that until I started working at The Urban Hive, I didn’t really appreciate all the things that do go on in Sacramento. It’s all about being honest and open in this city, and interrogating people (in a nice neighborly way) about what they are doing with their lives. That way, you can find out how everyone can help everyone else out.

Teddy Holmes December 26, 2012 at 1:49 am

I’m considering moving my small business and young family to Sacramento. This was informative and light hearted. Based on the information, I’m not sure if Sactown will give us the big city energy we’re looking for. Can you speak to that?

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